4.1 Local Council

The most important organisation you can talk to, in most instances, is the local council. Each council will have their own way of dealing with special events and will require different types of information from event organisers. In some cases the council may require you to lodge a formal development or event application. Others will require different applications. You should speak with the local council to find out their process for event approvals.

It is recommended that you approach the council at least four months in advance of your proposed event. Depending on the scale of the event, more than twelve months could be required to address all issues. The Division of Local Government recommends having information on the following to hand (if they are relevant to your event) for your preliminary discussions with council:

  • food and beverage (see 6.8, 9.1, 9.2)
  • fireworks (see WorkCover NSW, NSW Police and NSW Fire Brigades/NSW Rural Fire Service in 4.2, 6.13)
  • safety (see 6 and Appendix E)
  • security (see 6.18 )
  • insurance (see 6.2)
  • emergency vehicle access (see 6.4 and 10)
  • erection of signage (see 6.7)
  • expected crowd numbers and crowd management (see 6.9)
  • location/site plan (see 6.10)
  • erection of structures such as stages, amusement rides, etc (see 6.14)
  • electricity (see 6.17)
  • waste management (see 9.3)
  • toilets (see 9.4)
  • first aid (see 9.5)
  • noise (see 9.6)
  • traffic, transport and public transport (see 10)
  • duration of event and timing of activities (including setting up and packing up the event) (see 5.1).

For a full list of councils, go to Division of Local Government or phone them on (02) 4428 4100. A resource document outlining council decision-making processes in relation to events is also available at that website.

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