6.2 Insurance

It is vital that you seek professional advice about the insurance required to cover your event. The type and amount of cover you need will depend on the nature of your event, and the requirements of the landowner or venue where you propose to hold your event. The insurances you need might include:

  • public liability
  • workers’ compensation
  • motor vehicle insurance
  • professional indemnity liability
  • property (to cover your own equipment).

This is not a comprehensive list and professional advice should be sought about the insurances required to meet the specific needs of your event.

Public liability insurance is required by a number of government agencies and venues and is usually a condition of approval to hold an event. In most cases $20 million is the amount of cover required by the appropriate agency or agencies listed as “interested parties” on the certificate issued.

You should also ensure any contractors you use have appropriate insurance to cover their activities at the event. It is a good idea to ask them for a copy of their Certificate of Currency. You should also check with the landowner/venue manager about the insurance they have and the insurance you are required to have.

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