6.19 Dealing with money

Whether you are fundraising or running an event for profit there are money-related issues you need to consider, including:

  • gaining a fundraising authority from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (see 15 for more information)
  • making arrangements for the collection of money at your event: —gate collection—is fencing needed? —collecting at dispersed locations—how to secure staff and storage? —transferring money to a secure location during the event—how often and how best to do this, and where can money be securely stored?

Any staff handling large sums of money at your event must be trained in correct procedures contact WorkCover NSW for more detailed information). It is also advisable to use security guards in this instance (see 6.18).

You should consider whether you will still make a profit at your event after the necessary money-handling precautions have been put in place. You may decide it is not worth your while to collect money at the event.

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