9.6 Noise

It is illegal for offensive noise to emanate from a public place so it is important to carefully consider the impact that noise will have on the surrounding environment. Consult with the venue/landowner and local council about managing noise at your event, especially as some venues have maximum noise levels.

Also, if using a public address system or sound amplifying device on community land, approval must be sought from the local council or landowner and you should give consideration to the following:

  • times of use
  • position of speakers
  • direction of speakers
  • sound checks
  • noise monitoring—who will do this and how?

Also important is the ability to adjust noise levels immediately in the event of a noise complaint or a request from authorities. If it is considered that your event is generating offensive noise you can be issued with a warning or fine.

You may also need to provide protection for staff and volunteers working in noisy areas (see 6.5). Depending on the equipment being used at the event, qualified sound/audio technicians might be required to operate it.

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